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Asked By Priya



Reliance JIO 
Reliance JIO enters the market in last September and since the period of launching reliance JIO is making boom in the world of Telecom industries.Recently company launch an exclusive offer of Rs. 459, it includes 84 GB of data for 84 days with FUP of 1 GB of day per day. Under this plan you will also get free unlimited SMS and voice calling to all operators 
Latest and Exclusive Offers of Various Telecome Industries ?

Q: How to start and promote your website absolutely free?

Asked By Raji


How to start and promote your website absolutely free

Building website can be a very easy task now days. It depends on your purpose and targeted audiences. Though you are not technically sound you can create a best website using various customizable sources. But if you are the one having proper skills and little basic knowledge of the programming and wish to develop a self- hosted website under your control, then you can follow these few steps to get your work done.How to start and promote your website absolutely free

Question: Hi Friends, I need to know how to earn money different ways?

By Shruthi - asked Nov7/2017


There is no limit to how much extra money you can earn. It is always great to use your free time from home for some valuable efforts. You can earn some quick and handsome money without any investment. If you are searching for some good ways to make money in your leisure hours and with fewer effort, then here are some better sources which can be helpful for you to get some extra to earn money different ways

Q: how to make a computer app and related information

Asked By Suda, India


Answer : All you want to know about creating computer app
Building a computer application isn’t a walk in the park. Along with the tremendous growth of technology, apps and software building projects have grown immensely. It takes more planning than one assume. It is not an easy task. One has to invest their valuable time, money an effort to make it fruitful. If you are ready with plan to develop superior quality app and excite to start working on it. Before you go further, consider these few basic things which we think may prove helpful for your app’s developing process.
How to Make Computer App Information

What are the ways to make more friends?

Question Asked by Rajeswari on Nov5/207

Better ways to make more friends
Making good friends and maintaining that friendship lifetime can be a worthy investment. It would be easy if you are approachable and communicative enough. Simply be active and be available when required and you see a considerable increase in your friends. If you are conservative, shy or introvert and find it difficult to make friend easily then here we are sharing some simplest ways to interact with people and befriend them.
ways to make more friend

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answered by sateesh kumar

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