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Why friends are important?

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Why friends are important?
asked by jeevatha

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3 Answers

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Q: Why friends are important?

Asked by Jeevetha


Why friends are important

You may have seen a great number of people to create a bond with people. Basically, friends or making a good bond with friends are very important and also quite essential in life. 


Lots of benefits are there connected with the friends. Not only benefits but they solve every problem of your life. They are the half-soul of your life. 

Basically, friends are the part of your life. 


They are the part of your happy moment and along with that they help you in giving company in sad moments as well. 


But in recent times, people cannot get sufficient time to build friendship or keep in touch with the friends and that is why they search for the options to build friendship.

The support system is the very common and important thing for an individual. If two friends share some good supportive attitude then as a matter of fact, their friendship will definitely go through anything that comes. 


This is an utmost characteristic that when one buddy is in trouble the other is forever there for assist. 


Most of the public work only on faith and never try to expand a proper support system.


How to develop friendship?

The first and foremost thing is that you definitely require finding somebody who is actually worthy of your companionship. 


In fact, try to be absolutely selective while going to pick up the friend. 


You need to choose the friend right according to tor preference and choice. 


Basically, a friend is a reflection of your personality and characteristic. 


So, whenever you are going to select friends, always ensure a fact that they are absolutely reliable to you. 

Try to speak absolutely in a frank way to each and everyone but be friends along with only a few.


Once you have any reliable friend, you definitely require showing them that they are quite essential to you.

Be helpful

Friends and help is the complement to each other. 


Whenever you are trying to make friends, you have to be absolutely dependable and reliable as well.


No matter if they are actually having a big crisis or if they are only in a painful situation, you surely have to be there to assist them as well as support them. 


Try to lend them a helping hand if they require one. 


Once you start helping your friends in every small thing and they start supporting you, then there will be absolutely nothing that can break your friendship, still if you travel the millions of miles apart but the companionship will forever live in the heart. 


Try to build up a good friendship or companionship along with the believe and trust in friendship as well as then there is no certain way that your companionship will be the weak bond at its peak point.

There are several online sites available that actually helps people to make friendship in a proper way. 


So, whenever you are going to build up a friendship, you really have to make sure a fact that you choose only the right person.



answered by rajeswari
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because we have know something from them
answered by anonymous
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to care and share... all.
answered by prem

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