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How housewives or ladies can start own mobile shop?

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How housewives or ladies can start own mobile shop?


What do the housewives do after taking care of their family, children and other household things? For a maximum of housewives, they sit back on their comfy sofa, reach out for a remote control and then switch the channels on randomly. Isn’t it? Well, if you are a housewife, you can definitely relate with that. But don’t you think this is just a waste of time? Don’t you want to be self-independent? 

Don't you want to earn off your own? Of course, you do. Each and every woman out there wants to be self-established, but maximum out there suffers from lack of confidence. But here is something amazing for you, which will provide you the power to being the self-independent woman.

If you have a little bit of knowledge on mobile and mobile accessories, then you can start your own mobile shop without any doubt.

You need a good investment
To begin a business of mobile store, a minimum investment would require right based on the location of the store, size as well as inventory to be stocked. Basically, mobile stores do quite well in some areas where, there is maximum people traffic like railway station, bus stand, shopping centers, etc. 

You need a good space
When you are going to start a business of your own, you need a good space. Being a housewife, you may not be well-acquainted with the right space, but if you think little logically to start a mobile store, then it needs about 10 x 15 square feet or about 150 square feet. The store should be suitable well-equipped along with display cases, lighting, cameras and most importantly air-conditioning. This is absolutely mandatory for the long counter of 8 x 3.5 feet on the left side along with the glasses, which are in front and a top portion and on the back wall of the counter.

Mobile Distributorship is required
When you are done with your space and interior, then this is very much important to just strike relationship along with the mobile distributor in a certain area for stocking of the mobile phones, mobile accessories, display models as well as other products. In addition to the mobile phone distributors, this is quite significant to obtain as well as deliver some services and items, which are sold at mobile stores: Mobile SIM cards, Recharge Cards, Mobile Repair Services, Licenses and Registrations and more.


Registration is also needed
When you are done with your store set-up, you have to go for the registration. The VAT registration, as well as Import Export Code, would be essential. Most states need those selling goods worth in a certain year to obtain VAT registration. And for the registration, you need to consult with some specialist and professional. You have to make your documents verified by the administrative department. And there is one of the most important things available, which is IE code. When you are going to import some mobile from other countries, you have to obtain a proper IE code. It will protect you from anyway.

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