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Housewives or Girls or Women Can Make Friendship How? How to Make Friendship Online / Offline?

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Housewives or Girls or Women Can Make Friendship How? How to Make Friendship Online / Offline?


Housewives or Girls or Women Can Make Friendship How? How to Make Friendship Online / Offline ? (Friendship Article - Category)


First up all What is the friendship?


Friendship is a relationship of mutual affection between people. A friend is someone who goes with you in the good times and bad times. Best friend is someone who helps you overcome yourself.

There are many many different kinds of friendship. Along with good friends who are present, loyal, and honest, most people want friends who are trustworthy

Who is Best Friends - Best friend is a person who you value above other friends in your life

How we can find a good friend?

Join some Ladies clubs, like mixed chess club, or make your own! ... Join online forums. ... Use social media to put yourself out there. ... Use an online friend finding service. ... Make friends through friends

Social Media Friendship - Social Medias like Face book,

Example Friendship Sites
How do you meet new people on Face book?

Follow these below Steps
Determine why you want to meet new people....


Log into Facebook. ...Username and your password
Look at all the people's pictures.
Press the "Add as Friend" button
Click on "Add a Personal Message."
Send the friend request! 
Fropper, and Many other Friendship websites


Facebook - Allow you only to make friendship with you well known people, Otherwise Dont Spam emails, they will delete your account - Read face book terms and conditions



Other Methods to Find Friends

Get involved in a sport or activity club.
Join a book club / Library
Volunteer - Social Activities
Arrange MeetUp with Old Friendship Club
Talk to your neighbors.
Strike up conversations.
Sit at community tables.
Reach out on Facebook or other social media
Host a party at your home - Events like Birth Day, Wedding Day, Children's Birthday etc
Find a business association, or Business Partners and make friendship
Go to a cultural events in your area
Join the gym. or massage centers or SPA
Ask for introductions with your old friends
Participate in Spoken Language Centers or another speaking club
Take a dance class or Singing Class
Find a Temple or religious community.
Go to seminars, book signings, or speaking events.
Get a part-time job working with people you like
Join sites for women to meet new women friends
Accept your friends invitations and Participate in functions like marriage etc


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