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How to Earn Money - Small / Big Business Ideas, Tips For Housewives and Working women People 

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How to Earn Money - Small / Big Business Ideas, Tips For Housewives and Working women People

Short Sample Information - Start making gift baskets from home, Start selling home baked goods, Start a candle and craft production, Start a catering service, Publish your own book, Start a housekeeping service, Start a medical billing service Children’s Book Writer, Business Plan Writer, Consultancy Services, Cake making and Designing, Online Health Food and Vitamin Store, Jewelry making, Start a medical transcription service, Become a freelance contractor, Offline and Online Tutoring, Start a business coaching service, Start an elderly care service ...

Earn Money From Small - Medium Business ideas for Housewives - Working women

Are you a stay-at-home mom or Working Women? Do you need small business ideas for Indian women that you can engage yourself in and make some money while at home?

Vegetable garden farm - You can consider agriculture as a big opportunity. You can start producing the vegetables you think will best grow. it is always better to begin with two or three, and then as you double your chances of making profit, you care required to consult and expert before start. (Agriculture Land (wet land) is important or You can take lands for lease)

Office supplies - its a high demand Business , each and every office need office supplies (A4 Papers, Cups, Stationery, News books etc)

Domain and hosting reselling - www - http join reseller program and sell domains, hosting, and many online products, join sites like Godaddy, reseller club etc


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Selling fresh eggs - Eggs from chickens are now starting to be good business. business does not require a lot of land . however , state laws need to be checked to see if the requirements are to be met

Paper cup making - you can start this business with small investment, the demand for this is increasing day by day. paper cup making business is one of the most lucrative small manufacturing opportunity. it can be made of recycled paper

candy making, package them in nice little boxes and sell them through a local gift shop

create your own information product - provide solutions , remedies and information to people

jams and pickle preparation business is small and best business idea for women

become profession photographer - if you are passionate about photography you can earn in many ways by becoming professional photographer

interior design is also a good business idea for Indian women

start taking cooking class - if you have good knowledge in cooking, this can be a very good business for housewives

outsource  projects -- who outsource projects to People with skills in writing, graphic design, computer programming , web design, reached ad more

selling your own handmade crafts will be good business in low cost investments

Rakhi making - its is a very popular product in India. almost every indian women tie a rakhi on her brother's wrist. Rakhi making business does not demand machinery cost. you only need to have some tools, start selling locally. one of the best low-cost business for small towns

social media specialist - having an established site for your small business is not enough - help business owners by promoting their products / services on face book, twitter and similar sites

spice powder making - spice grinding and packaging is one of the most profitable food processing business. spice is an essential item in food, apart from the individual spice powder  like chilly cumin, turmeric, mixed spice powder processing is more profitable. some of the popular items are meat masala, chat masala etc

lemon juice business - make and sell lemon juice in your local towns -  investment is very low, profit is more

tomato processing - processed tomato products are very popular. popular products are tomato sauce, juice, ketchup etc. simple machinery and equipment are required. one of the great business ideas for small towns

become a diet instructor, nutritionist is very popular in new modern age

Xerox and printing shop - opening Xerox and printing shop near schools and colleges is a best business idea

health drinking - its a very good service business idea, now a days people have much more awareness about health drinks

event organization - organize events for birthday's party's, marriage functions and more

coffee bean farming - if you are passionate about coffee. the thing you need is to know how to start a coffee bean farming business. The requirements are polythene bags, a shady area, coffee seeds.

CCTV installation - much needed for every companies industries and homes

Potatoes chip - make sliced potatoes packed it, sell toe shops, backer's and houses,

copywriting - i you have good skill in writing you can earn from different sites and this is a good business for housewives in india

Restaurant business is also profitable business idea for indian women

Reviewers - free travel, free products / Services that you have to reviewed, the chance to closely look at different types of ventures

Teak Tree Farming-  There is a growing demand for selling Teak Trees in the market today. Before embarking on this venture, however, you need to have patience, teak tree planting skills,

Tailoring work and provide training is great business idea for Women

Data entry works - join sites like freelancer, fever, odesk, and approach for data entry works

E-book selling - write your own ebook and sell in Amazon kindle, flipkart. one of the profitable business to stat with zero investment

papad making - papad making business can be started as small scale and home based basis. papad making is one of the most profitable food processing business. required the low startup capital investments

seo / sem consultant - sea, online marketing and the tricks of the trade to increase website and blog traffic

vending cow milk. one of the nest producers of milk is a cow. under the right care, high quality milk can successfully be obtained, if you are skilled in milking cows, the you can start this business on your own. for those who care not skilled, you can opt to hire skilled farmhands to do all the work instead

Selling a bra on Online - How to Sell Bra Online through Websites

Others business ideas for Indian housewives

Open an online cosmetics store

Start a catering service

Online travel guide

Become business plan writer

Selling home made foods

Beauty salon or spa

Cake designing and making

Offline and online tutoring

Start a wedding planning business

Become a financial advisor

Selling cookie gift basket

Digitize India Online Data Entry Jobs for all

Start event planning service

Jeweler making

Start doing freelancing - if you have any skill in graphic design or web design you can earn a lots of  money

Start an online business is nice idea for new business

Event manager is another good idea for business womens

Financial advisor is another great idea for Indian women

Old age services is also good business for Indian women's

Day care centers are also great idea for starting business womens

Job hr service is nice idea for womens in india

Membership websites is great small business idea if you love internet browsing

Relationship adviser is new trend for young generation, its good idea

Home delivery business of any food or items is good idea

Computer repair shop is also good idea for Indian women

Translator business is good business idea for India women

Catering business is another idea for starting own business for Indian womens

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Car cleaning services is new modern business you can start with some boys team

Research writing is best business at home for india

Blogging with online ads is best for business

Affiliate marketing, product reviews

Copy write - English or journalism your services will be in constant demand

Life coaches - some are going through a bad marriage

Art dealers

Lead generator

E-commerce websites

Book keeping

Cosmetics sales

Hair stylist, SPA

Massage therapy,

IT support

Cv/resume writing business

Sell photographs  -shutter stocks or dreams times

Become dance instructors

Invest money in stock market - trading

Seasonal food trucks or stands - like ice cream stand, coffee or tea stands

Sell your own viral articles in websites

Create you tub channel and earn money online

Local Car tour provider

Product development consultant

Seasonal sports instructor

Social media consultant

Tax related services - Tax Form Filling Jobs

Service business

Design business

Modern and well designed salon , hair dressers

Custom t-shirt printing business

Professional video creation

Fashion consultant - Dressing Styles

Grant writer

Baby proofing consultant

Birthday party planner

Ebooks writing


Shoe designers

Internet researchers

Marketing specialist

Child care - Primary School in your local town

House cleaning

Real estate agents

Non veg soup - making of chicken soup, mutton soup is a good profutable business

Pet fish shop - buy different types of fish and sell in your shop

Pooja shop - starting pooja shop near any temple is a good profitable business

Flower shop- selling different kinds of flowers and attract more customers

Buy t-shirt wholesale and sell online or offline

Ice cream business - buy ice cream maker put a stall in your local town

Videography - Service: get orders for marriage functions, events, parties and other functions

Schools or College projects - start projects center helps students to do finical year projects, mini projects

Buy toy products and sell online

Parking business - start a car / bike parking business in your city
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How to support housewife to earn money at home?

Be Friendly with Your Work at Home Wife

The new trend in our society is working from home. Many women are leaving the corporate world to come home and care for their families, but they still desire to contribute financially. It can be challenging to work from home, especially for women who have children to care for as well.

Is your wife is one of the growing number of work at home moms? Here are key tips on supporting her:

Encouragement is Important
Be positive
Help with whatever she is doing
Be a part of the business
Don't let her give up.

By following these simple tips, you can help strengthen your wife’s home-based business. Supporting your work at home wife is one of the best ways to show you care.
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