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How to make money online with Friendship Websites?

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How to make money online with Friendship Websites?
asked by seetha

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2 Answers

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Q: How to make money online with Friendship Websites?

Asked by Seetha


How to make money online with Friendship Websites?

Numerous businesses are there that take place in everyone’s heart. 


Basically, in recent times each and every individual are there that wants to earn a good amount of money. 


And business is one of the amazing ways to reach your goal. But nowadays ample of business ideas are there and that is why people get confused. But amongst each and every business


ideas, making a profitable amount of money through friendship site is very innovative. 


Social networking sites are one of the amazing ways to earn an enormous amount of money.


Social networking delivers an entire network of the leads in a short period of time.

If you want to earn a huge amount of money through friendship sites, you have to make sure that you do all of the things and participate in every activities as well.

Make sure you talk to them

Talking with your friends or chatting with your friends always provides you the utmost way to earn. 


Do not only add them and then only let them be. 


They are some of the people and they actually require some huge attention from your company.


It also takes a person an average of 26 times to see some of the best things before it just burn itself into their brains. 


You also have to make sure a fact that you leave comments, then give likes thank them for being a friend, and finally make sure you effortlessly interact along with them in all ways possible.


Do not hesitate to talk to them.

Participate in activities

Birthdays are the special day for every individual and that is why if you really want to earn a considerable amount of money, then wishing them on their birthdays is the utmost way.


If someone is having a birthday tries to wish them a good birthday message. 


Those also wishing to earn a good amount of money using the social networking will definitely find that it actually makes a huge difference.


 If someone declares in a certain bulletin that they are actually expecting, then a congratulations is in order.


It is also one of the interesting and wonderful sites that offer you the great advantages. 


You might even want to contain some interactive elements on the page. 


A lot of social networking websites are now implementing apps to make pages a lot more fun as well as interesting. Try to add the applications that they can interact with.


Try to make sure you write blogs, which are of interest of them. 


You can easily throw something in about the business, but you also have to make sure you hit on some special interest topics. 


Those who also earn using some social networking are infamous for this. 


So you have to make sure that you remember that they are more rather than just dollar signs.


You also have to appeal to them on a moving level in order for them to do business with you


answered by rajeswari
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if u are staying alone then it is very very easy to earn thousands of rupees
answered by daddydaughter

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