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What are the best mobile data plans in present times?

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What are the best mobile data plans in present times?


What are the best mobile data plans in present times?


In recent times, mobile phone is the best way when you want to connect with the entire world. Sometimes, we can say that this has gained an immense popularity amongst people. Even people can also say that, mobile phones have become quite essential part of the life. Now the competition has really grown up between mobile companies and people see a new phone launching every day.

Knowing the latest plans

Nokia, Samsung, LG, Sony Ericsson are main mobile manufacture companies and they also deliver some best mobile phone deals along with the network like 3, O2, Vodafone, Orange and T-mobile. The top three mobile deals are contract, PayG and Sim free mobile phone deals. These deals have changed the face of the big mobile industry as these are absolutely helpful for customers as well as companies.

Talking about the contract deals, these are best suited to the people who use their devices on daily basis. Under this user subscribe the contract along with any of the network of his/her choice. The contract period ranges length is almost 12, 18 or 24 months. People can easily enjoy dissimilar tariff offers along with exciting gifts like as free line rental, cash back, and half price line rental, iPod, LCD TV and many more.


Vodafone data plan
Vodafone provides Rs 297 plan that delivers 4GB of 3G authentic data to the user along with the validity of 28 days. Along with that, it also offers free voice calls.

Idea cellular
Idea users can easily get almost 3GB of data along with the validity of around 28 days of Rs 297.

Airtel data plan
Nowadays, people relies on some great deals and that is why they select only the best data plans like airtel, jio, aircel, idea, Vodafone and more.
Airtel brings several amazing and useful plans. The Rs 1495 plan provides 30 GB of data for 3 months. The plan has actually been created to trigger jio users. In fact, the airtel users can easily select and use as much data as they want.

Reliance jio
Reliance jio has their individual Rs 299 deal or plan that delivers almost 2GB of data per month with the unlimited STD or even local voice calls as well as SMS along with the ultimate validity of around 21 days. Along with that, Jio also offers a 499 plan that delivers 4GB of 4G data with the unlimited STD and local calls as well as SMS.

The final verdict
Though, lots of users are there who use airtel, idea, aircel, bsnl, and jio as well. And they also look for only the finest and excellent data plan and mobile deals as well. All of the plans offer several exciting offers to their users. But amongst all of the plans, Jio got an immense popularity for its exciting offers. It has been gained increased a huge popularity. Only Airtel comes quite close to the offers of Jio. So, right according to your preference, you should choose the right one for your mobile

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