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What is First Aid ? Rules of First Aid

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What is First Aid ? Rules of First Aid :, How to stop bleeding ( two methods ) Skilled temporary assistance at the time of emergency with the materials available on the spot until the medical aid is available

What is First Aid ?

Skilled temporary assistance at the time of emergency with the materials available on the spot until the medical aid is available


1) to preserve life

2) to prevent aggravation

3) to promote recovery


1) Diagnosis - by signs, symptoms and history

2) Treatment - breathing, bleeding shock ( then others )

3) Disposal - transport in a suitable method to hospital

Rules of First Aid :

1) Go quickly to the accident place

2) Calm and methodical way of examining

3) Priority for breathing, bleeding and shock

4) Use first Aid equipment ; if not available improvise

5) Note the area and weather - live wire, fallen walls, fire, gas, rain, hot sun, cold breeze etc.,

6) Keep off the crowd with the help of bystanders-send information to relatives and hospital

7) Reassure the casualty

8) Arrange for transport to hospital

Important Qualification

1) Sympathy

2) Resourceful

3) Discriminate

4) Tactful

How to stop bleeding ( two methods )

1. Direct pressure :

If the wound is small, clean your thumb and apply pressure over the wound- if a little big wound clean your palm and apply pressure over the wound or apply a folded handkerchief and press.

2. Indirect Pressure:

(Pressure points and constrictive bandage ) Pressure point is a place where an artery is coming to the surface

Pressure points:

1. Carotid artery - on either side of the wind pipe

2. Subclavian artery - behind inner side of collar bone

3. Brachial artery - inner side of biceps muscles

4. Femoral artery - in the groin in front of hip

Constrictive bandage : Amputated limb or very severe bleeding, Tie a narrow bandage around the limb - apply on upper arm inner side middle, or on thigh middle - only on a single bone. Place the bandage on the top, cross behind, bring to front apply a knot, place a stick and apply another knot, twist the stick until the bleeding stops - lossen once in 20 minutes for half a minute and reapply - put a label with time when sending to hospital, inform doctor

Abdominal injury : Lay on his back - raise head and shoulders - keep the knees bent - do not try to replace the organs cover with clean cloth - do not give anything by mouth - remove to hospital quickly

Sucking wound : Deep wound in the chest wall - air being sucked in and blown out, This is dangerous - Cover the wound with pad and bandage firmly - air should not go through this

Bleeding from nose : Sit in front of air, head thrown slightly forward, undo tight clothing. breath by mouth, pinch his nose, for 10 minutes do not blow the nose

Bleeding from ear : This indicates fracture in vase of skull. keep head slightly raise - do not plug the ear - invline the affected side ( injured side low ) apply a dry dressing and bandage lightly

Varicose Veins : In the leg- Valves in veins fail to act and there is back pressure and veins enlarge-Lay flat raise the leg apply pad and bandage - keep the leg raised and transport

Bruises : Capillary haemorrhage beneath skin ( contused wound ) apply cold compress

Dressings and Bandages : Dressing is a covering to a wound, 1. to protect a wound , 2. to prevent infection. 3. to control bleeding 4 to ease pain

Dry dressing : Sterilized gause, lint, pad and pandage

Wet Dressing : Cold compress to ease pain, swelling and for internal bleeding

Antiseptic : Is a chemical which prevents germs-do not strain, burn or irritate - saline solution may be used

Cleaning a Wound : With clean water - from the center away from the wound

Bandages : Triangular bandage- point base, sides, and ends

Roller Bandage: to keep the dressing in position....

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