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Earn money From Digitize India Program

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Earn money From Digitize India Program,  Digitize India Data Entry Jobs or Digitize India Part Time Jobs,  Women, Housewives, Students or| Any Body Can Earn Money From Digitize India the Government of India


Earn money From Digitize India Program,  Digitize India Data Entry Jobs or Digitize India Part Time Jobs,  Women, Housewives, Students or | Any Body Can Earn Money From Digitize India the Government of India

Digitization of scanned document images into digital format will help to activate full effective E-Governance services.

If you are Looking for data entry jobs online or work at home method jobs or free time jobs or part time jobs?  

Then Digitize India is the best Choice for you. Which is also simply Called DIP

Work at Digitize India From government of India website which offers an opportunity for contributors to make money online by doing simple and easy data entry work.


Digitize India Platform works under Digital India Program to provide digitization services for scanned document images or physical documents for any organization. 


They just want to make all the existing content Documents like Land Records, Tenders, Bills, Invoices etc ( in different formats and media, languages) usable.

You simply want to type the word which appears on your screen exactly like Captcha


Simply Data Typing jobs although they are called Snippets.

Digital India Platform helps digitizing the documents from Govt. organizations in all parts of the Country


The Main Process of Digital India Platform is to collect  scanned images from the various Govt. organizations and shared images into snippets with meaning full data. 


These snippets are randomly served to the contributors. You and other two peoples (Only Correct Entry will be accepted for the Rewards Points)


Contributors  type the words shown in Snippets (From your Desktop or Laptop or Mobile Phone) 


A match engine check if contributor typed the right word. For Every Correct entries you get reward points (words digitized.) 


Document are re-assembled and provided back to the organizations.


To become a Digital Contributor Use must fill the Application form online with the details like email address, mobile phone number, username and passwords.


Select Preferred language is English


Any Indian Citizen can apply with a valid Aadhar Card number, Basic computer knowledge, Aadhar number Linked Bank Account, Access to internet, Access to any smart device ( to download their app)


Redeem or withdraw Your Points From Digitize India Platform
You can donate your points being a volunteer or you can redeem/withdraw your points for cash. Here is the process of withdrawing money from your Digitize India Account –

Set a Transaction PIN – Transaction PIN is a 4 digit code you have to insert each and every time while redeeming your points . 

Payment From Digitize India
There were so many comments that Digitize India is not sending their payment in Bank account, Many People have not received payment yet, But You must fill correct aadhar account and PAN Card details


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1 Answer

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Main Hints -

Organizations requirement for data digitization but Nobody can view entire / full document details  

Documents meta data information is maintained Digitize India Platform

They Randomly serves snippets to contributors different time to time

Snippets are matched for converted data in the match engine and finally stored correct answer, One day later they entry your account for rewards points. Only Correct entries get reward points 



Scanned Document - All scanned images are splitted into snippets with meaning full data. 
“Snippets Have Exhausted. Please Try Again Later” Solution
Everyone is facing the same problem “snippets have exhausted. please try again later”

If your organization is already registered, please go to login using your DIP user name and password.

Mobile App Download the intuitive mobile app for performing digitization tasks even while you are traveling.

DIP can process and extract multi-lingual text, numeric and alphanumeric data from the document images.

DIP is hosted on NIC's secure cloud infrastructure


Registration Form like this -

User Name *
Confirm Password
Email Address *
Mobile Number *
By registering I agree to Digitize India Platforms Terms and Conditions
Once you sign up and login to the system, fill up your personal profile details.

After Entering the Mobile number they will send you automatic Massage "One Time Password" Called OTP


You Must Verify the Mobile Number

I have seen many people started earning money from the platform. If you have good typing skill and looking to earn money during your part time, it is a good news for you. 


it is a genuine data entry program from the Government of India. 


So don't worry about the money investing etc. 


There is not even single paise to pay for the Data entry job. 


Remember, you should dedicate some hours a day and work to earn good amount of money from this program. 


You must have desktop or laptop or mobile device with internet connection. 


If you are Looking for Good Data Plan? BSNL providing (PLAN) 444 internet data Plan is best choice for you

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