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How to start and promote your Friendship website absolutely free

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How to start and promote your Friendship website absolutely free
asked by raji

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2 Answers

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Q: How to start and promote your website absolutely free?

Asked By Raji


How to start and promote your website absolutely free

Building website can be a very easy task now days. It depends on your purpose and targeted audiences. Though you are not technically sound you can create a best website using various customizable sources. But if you are the one having proper skills and little basic knowledge of the programming and wish to develop a self- hosted website under your control, then you can follow these few steps to get your work done.

1. Choose domain
Domain name is a URL people can type into their browser to get your website. First thing necessary to decide is type of niche you wish to focus on. Then register for suitable user name. For making business website it is advisable to choose a domain name that includes your company or brand name and for personal website it is better to go with ‘.com’

2. Hosting
Here you have to put your website and all the webpages and it will store that on their servers and transmits it to the internet so that when someone types in your domain name it can be easily appear. Point your domain carefully to become easily accessible.
There are many host providers like, 5GBfree and 000webhost. Only you have to share your cc to avoid spam. 

3. Develop your website

Make proper planning for your website to develop it within less time and with minimum efforts

• Design basics
Decide elements of good design and how to use it on website based on your branding and identity like logo and fonts.

• Learn to design

Code your design with the help languages and tools


It is used to build the basic layout of your website

2. CSS 

CSS bitterly known as Cascading style sheet, it gives better design and look to your website

3. Javascript
It provides dynamity to the HTML you created. It is more convenient for animation and stuff.

4. PHP/Ruby/Python

All these can be useful to make back end designing which actually gives functionality to your website. They come with different frameworks.

• Fill your website with suitable content

• Optimize the website for SEO

• Test it for functionality and for browsers and devices

4. Publish website

It is final stage in website development. After making suitable designs and updates finally you can launch your website.

If you don’t have the skills, then it will be better for you to take some help from professional website builders. There are many website development tools available in the market to give to ready website according your needs and demands.

Here you can create stunning website for free even if you are not familiar with programming and coding. You have to put items you want to add in your website or you can use readymade templates.

This is one of the popular platforms to create website. Many of the companies use this for creasing their websites. Here you do not need to have any professional background, simply log in, choose create website option and go on.

This is particularly suitable for bloggers as they generally need website of only one page. It is easy to use.

How to promote your website?

1. Search engine optimization

The easiest way to promote your website is through search engine optimization or SEO. Getting traffic to your website starts with catchy content and good SEO. Do Local SEO and promote your website with proper optimization.

• Keyword research
Keywords are crucial part of SEO. More attractive keywords will drive maximum traffic to your website 

• Link building
Another way to increase traffic to your website is proper link building. Use epic content, information graphics and directory submission to build high quality link building.

• Webmaster tool
Webmaster tool plays vital role in SEO. It access to search statistic to the Google search and inform you for if your website is affected by any malware or error and show you keywords you are targeting. 

2. Social media marketing
Social media marketing will help you to monitor brand reputation of your website and will help you to become more approachable.

answered by rajeswari
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