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How to earn money different ways

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Question: Hi Friends, I need to know how to earn money different ways?

By Shruthi


There is no limit to how much extra money you can earn. It is always great to use your free time from home for some valuable efforts. You can earn some quick and handsome money without any investment. If you are searching for some good ways to make money in your leisure hours and with fewer effort, then here are some better sources which can be helpful for you to get some extra money.

1. Sell your old stuff
There may be a number of things in your home that are lying unused for months. Just hope to earn some cash instead of throwing these things away. You can find various websites available in e-commerce world to sell old stuff. One can sell variety of stuff including electronics, clothes, books and much more.

Popular Websites like eBay, amazon, and OLX offers some quick and easy way to sell your stuff which is no longer useful for you. Go to the page of website; create an account as seller and fill details about your product whenever someone will buy your things you will earn some money.

2. Become freelancer
Another popular way to make some handsome money is working as a freelancer. There are dozens of popular websites like Fiverrgig, Contentment to give you platform with ready clients. You can choose work depending on your skills as a content writer, graphic designer or web designer.

This job is simple to do and you will find a lot of better options to work for. Check in some freelancing sites and select a job in which you are familiar and you will get paid for the every perfect work. One can easily earn good money based on their performance by freelance work.

3. Photography
If you are photography enthusiast, then it will be best chance for you to turn your hobby into the good source of money. You can take high quality image of nature, places or people and sell them online through popular sites like Shutter stock, fotolia and Photo bucket. When some customer want to purchase you will get paid, you can get paid multiple times for same photos.

4. Start your consultancy and provide tutor
If you possess some good skills and love to share your knowledge, then you can start your own consultancy or training online. There are many things you can teach online including technical topic, spoken English, yoga and exercise etc.
There is nothing easier than teaching kids at home. You don’t have to step out and yet be able to make quite good money. If you are exceptionally good in certain subjects, then you can charge a good fee for particular tutor. One can easily become private teacher and teach students online at sites like Tutor, instaedu etc.

5. Earn form online sources

• Affiliate marketing
Web hosting affiliate is quite common these days due to high growth of online shopping. There are thousands of websites like Flipkart, Amazon and Clickbank provides you good scope to earn money. You can promote their products in your blog or website and if someone goes to that website through your site and buy products then you will get the high commission rate.
You only need to sign Up that particular website and place the banner of that that website on your blog. You will get paid for each and every product sold through your site.

• You tube
You tube provide great source to earn some quick money if you love making videos or shooting it on various occasions. Make videos that get a lot of view, upload it on you tube and become partner. For each and every view, you will get paid. If any of your video becomes viral, then you can get huge amount of money.

6. Develop a blog
If you are passionate about writing then you can create your own blog or website based on your area of interest. Start a blog and monetize it with ad network and start sharing your unique writing. It is one of the best and popular ways to earn money from home.


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