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Ways to Make More Friends?

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Ways to Make More Friends?
asked by rajeswari

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What are the ways to make more friends?

Question Asked by Rajeswari

Better ways to make more friends
Making good friends and maintaining that friendship lifetime can be a worthy investment. It would be easy if you are approachable and communicative enough. Simply be active and be available when required and you see a considerable increase in your friends. If you are conservative, shy or introvert and find it difficult to make friend easily then here we are sharing some simplest ways to interact with people and befriend them.

1. Join club or Register to Gym
The clubs and gym are the places where you can naturally meet a lot of people having something common with. Either it is sport club, book club or exercise club, find a group who shares a physical activity you can enjoy with people. Become regular member of Gym where you can get more n more people daily to interact with.

2. Start conversation and keep them going
Talk to people if you want without waiting for them to initiate the talk. Smile is crucial, don’t forget to give pleasant smile, it will make other to feel comfortable to come and talk to you. Ask about them and make them involve in communication. 

When you talk to people, generally talk about them only because people are more attracted to the person who is interested in them. Speak politely, do not ask too personal questions or do not act rude or weird. Be funny, crack some inappropriate jokes and make people laugh. It will make them comfortable to join you easily. 

It can be a difficult part to keep friendship going, take little efforts to be connected to the people. Call them often and let them know you really care about them. 

3. Get a hobby and join some classes
Find a hobby outside the home that you really enjoy. Whether its music, dance doesn’t matter. It just needs to be something you can interact with more people. When you find someone likes the similar things as you, you find it easy to talk to them about your common interests and it will be beneficial for you to make friendship with them.

4. Expand your social circle
Even though social media can’t substitute for real friendship, it is a great way to strengthen old ties and make new friends. Be virtually present and try to increase your social activities. There are tons of Social websites like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn which provides you whole list of people to engage with. Follow them and try to do little meaningful things for then like posting on someone’s wall to congratulate and wish them or comment on their beautiful photo. It will be more helpful for you to get connected with them. 

5. Interact with people
Go out of your comfort zone and try to engage in small talk with people whom you don’t know well. Be friendly and genuine. Make proactive efforts to connect with people when you meet them. Understand interest of other people and make conversation about what they are interested in. Give complement for their every good work and make them feel nice about them.

6. Attend events and religious activities
Get more engage in social events and religious activities. Each event is a chance to make a whole new room full of like-minded buddies. You can volunteer as cultural events or social activities, here again you can meet people having similar interests who will be happy to befriend you.

If you are a spiritual person, then church or temple are the perfect places to attend some religious activities and meet like-minded friends.

7. Attitude is everything
Maintain a genuinely cheerful and positive attitude when you are around the people. Be extravert and do not be too judgemental in your opinion about others and you will notice people approach you like magnet.

8. Challenge yourself
Challenge yourself to meet at least a one new person every day. In that way, you will be more open to meeting people and starting conversation with them instead of just smile. 

9. be helpful
According popular saying ‘Friend in need is friend indeed’. Show empathy and hold people with love and care. Help them in need. People trust small action rather than big words. Offering helping hand even to a stranger in difficulty can start a good friendship.


answered by rajeswari

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