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latest mobile phones

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latest mobile phones


Latest mobile phones Nowadays people are obsessed with smartphones. So, the market of it is always high. With taking those chances, every company always try to bring some new features and specification in their latest products to draw the attraction of users. So, we are presenting some product reviews of smartphones in the true sense.


1. Apple iPhone X Details and description: The size of this touchscreen display is 5.80 inches. It gets operated with hexa-core processor. The phone has 7 megapixels front camera along with12 megapixel rear camera that can give you clear and detail pictures to capture. This phone has 3 GB ram and 64GB storage. The operating system of it is iOS11 and it can give you an easy and fast access. This product runs on 2716mAh battery but it is not removable. Benefits: The phone has exclusive display and design. The cameras are stunning as well as the picture quality. The charger is wireless. It has the facility of the timely software update. Demerits: It is a little bit costly but the first party apps are not so well in India. Price and deals: The real price of the phone is 89,000-100000 in India. But a huge off is available in the online sites. Amazon sells it in Rs.81, 099, Flipkart Rs.83, 499 and eBay sells it in the price of Rs.82, 990. 


Complain: Some users are complaining about its huge price against the not so good service. 


2. XIAOMI MI A1 Details and description: XIAOMI MI A1 has the dual camera of 12 megapixels along with a secondary 5 mp camera which is perfect for them who love to capture photos and selfies. It has 4 GB RAM. The storage is extendable from 32GB to 128 GB and this is more than enough to store your favorite movies, images, and videos. 3000mAh battery runs this product. The device set is 4G/LTE which allows you to enjoy smooth internet connection. It is available in both the black and golden color. Benefits: It comes in the most updated Android. The USP of this phone is stock android of 7.1.2 version. Demerits: The phone has lacked in the camera which does not allow clicking better pictures in low light. The battery life is also a minus point of it. It could be better. Price and deals: The price of Mi A1 in India is ₹ 15,999.00. But in the online site it is available in lesser price. Like Amazon have set price In 15999 and eBay in 15800. 


Complain: While using the internet, battery gets discharge within a short period of time. 


3. Samsung Galaxy NOTE 8 Details and description: This one of the best notes of Samsung comes with an S-Pen which makes this set more interesting. This screen touch phone has dual sim slot with 6.3 inches of display. The OS of this phone is Android Nougat 7.1.1 with Octa-Core Processor which is modern and fast at the same time. It has 64 of internal storage with 6 GB RAM which helps the phone to run fast. It also has 12 MP of primary camera and rear camera with the dual camera lens. The capacity of the battery is 3300mAh. Benefits: It has a beautiful design with an S-pen and great camera quality. Demerits: The device is very expensive with a short battery life and disappointing fingerprint scanner. Price and deals: The original price of it is Rs. 67900. But in the various online sites like Flipkart sells it in Rs 65890, Amazon also in Rs. 67900. 


Complain: It has a disturbing and short span of battery backup with rock-solid hardware. 


4. Nokia 6: Details and description: Nokia’s latest this smartphone has 5.5 inches FHD IDS display along with the fingerprint sensor. It has 3 GB RAM and 32 GB ROM. The phone has 8 MP front camera and 16MP rear camera. It gets operated with Android v7.1 Nougat OS. The battery capacity is 3000mAh with 1.4 GHz Octa Core Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 Processor. Benefits: The UPS of this device is Sculpted Corning Gorilla Glass, awesome camera quality and damn good look. Demerits: It also has the battery longevity problem and a little slower processing. Price and deals: The real price of this phone is 17199 but through online you can but it with Rs.14999 from Amazon, Rs. 12975 from gadgets now and 12999 from tataCLiQ.


Complain: It sometimes getting hanged and has poor battery backup and loud cracking sound.

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