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How to make friendship with Girls, Housewives, Women online?

0 votes

iam seeking for good friendship with ladies in india, please someone reply me



asked by raji

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10 Answers

0 votes



I am seeking for good friendship with ladies in india, please someone reply me


answered by rs61
0 votes
Yes I am speking Malayale ladies frd
answered by Afsal
0 votes
I am seeking
answered by Rajeev
0 votes
Hi im zameer
answered by anonymous
0 votes
Hi my name gourav Ghosh
answered by Gourav ghosh
0 votes
I am searching a house wife for friend ship who are qualified and having knowledge about diet and other activities. Thanks
answered by Tapan
0 votes
Women house wife
answered by Deepak
0 votes
I want frnd ship with girls and ladies anyone interested
answered by Rajwardhan suri
0 votes
Yes I am make a new friend girl
But I am very poor man
answered by Govind
0 votes
So sweet I like you raji
answered by anonymous

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