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Skeleton, muscles, brain, nerves, internal organs-heart, lungs, diaphragm, stomach, liver, spleen, pancreas, intestine, kidneys, bladder, blood vessels etc

Structure and function of human body

The body consists of :

Skeleton, muscles, brain, nerves, internal organs-heart, lungs, diaphragm, stomach, liver, spleen, pancreas, intestine, kidneys, bladder and blood vessels etc.,

Skeleton : 1) To give a shape and firmness

2) Attachment to muscles 

3) Protect important organs

4) produce red blood cells from bone marrow


Skull and face 29, vertebrae33 cervical in neck 7 thoracic 12 lumbar 5, sacrum 5, coceyx 4 (tail bone) ribs 12 pair breast bone 1, on each side collar bone 1, shoulder blade 1, arm 1, fore arm 2, wrist 8, palm 5, in fingers 2, and 3 pelvis 1, on each side thigh 1, knee cap1, leg 2, ankle 7, foot 5, toes 3, and 2

Joints: 1) Immovable (cranium)

2) Movable ball and socket, hinge, slightly movable


1) Voluntary (in our control) 

2_Involuntary (not in our control)

Trunk: Upper cavity with heart and lungs

Lower cavity with stomach, liver, spleen

pancreas, intestines, kidneys and bladder

Functions of body :

Food and oxygen to replace wear and tear and to give heat and energy. Digested materials and oxygen are carried in blood to all parts of the body, Waste materials are removed such as carbon do oxide by lungs, urine by kidneys, sweat through skin and solid waste by bowels

Food is digested in mouth, stomach, intestines by digestive juices from various glands. The absorption takes place in small intestine

Blood : It is the liquid-flows in blood vessels to all parts. It consists transparent yellow fluid called plasma in which blood corpuscles ( red and white) are floating, Normal blood volume is 5 to 6 liters for adults and less for children

Circulation of Blood : Consists of heart, arteries, capillaries and veins, Heart is divided in to 4 parts - upper 2 and auricles, lower 2 are ventricles. Heart contracts 72 times per minute for adults and for children 100times and more per minute, Upper 2 are collecting chambers and lower 2 are pumping chambers

1) Systemic veins bring impure blood from all parts to the heart to R.A

2) pulmonary arteries carry impure blood from R.V to the lungs

3) Pulmonary veins - pure blood from lungs to heart L.A

4) Systemic arteries-pure blood from heart to all parts of the body from L.V through Aorta

Arteries : Pure blood carrier. Contract and expand as per heart functions - carry pure blood to the body.

Capillaries : The smallest blood vessels where the inter change takes place.

Veins : Impure blood carrier from capillaries - opens towards the heart only.

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