Housewives or Girls or Women Can Make Friendship How? How to Make Friendship Online / Offline?



Housewives or Girls or Women Can Make Friendship How? How to Make Friendship Online / Offline ? (Friendship Article - Category)

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First up all What is the friendship?


Friendship is a relationship of mutual affection between people. A friend is someone who goes with you in the good times and bad times. Best friend is someone who helps you overcome yourself.

There are many many different kinds of friendship. Along with good friends who are present, loyal, and honest, most people want friends who are trustworthy

Who is Best Friends - Best friend is a person who you value above other friends in your life

How we can find a good friend?

Join some Ladies clubs, like mixed chess club, or make your own! ... Join online forums. ... Use social media to put yourself out there. ... Use an online friend finding service. ... Make friends through friends

Social Media Friendship - Social Medias like Face book,

Example Friendship Sites
How do you meet new people on Face book?

Follow these below Steps
Determine why you want to meet new people....


Log into Facebook. ...Username and your password
Look at all the people's pictures.
Press the "Add as Friend" button
Click on "Add a Personal Message."
Send the friend request! 
Fropper, and Many other Friendship websites


Facebook - Allow you only to make friendship with you well known people, Otherwise Dont Spam emails, they will delete your account - Read face book terms and conditions


Other Methods to Find Friends

Get involved in a sport or activity club.
Join a book club / Library
Volunteer - Social Activities
Arrange MeetUp with Old Friendship Club
Talk to your neighbors.
Strike up conversations.
Sit at community tables.
Reach out on Facebook or other social media
Host a party at your home - Events like Birth Day, Wedding Day, Children's Birthday etc
Find a business association, or Business Partners and make friendship
Go to a cultural events in your area
Join the gym. or massage centers or SPA
Ask for introductions with your old friends
Participate in Spoken Language Centers or another speaking club
Take a dance class or Singing Class
Find a Temple or religious community.
Go to seminars, book signings, or speaking events.
Get a part-time job working with people you like
Join sites for women to meet new women friends
Accept your friends invitations and Participate in functions like marriage etc.

Q: Why friends are important?

Asked by Jeevetha


Why friends are important

You may have seen a great number of people to create a bond with people. Basically, friends or making a good bond with friends are very important and also quite essential in life. 


Lots of benefits are there connected with the friends. Not only benefits but they solve every problem of your life. They are the half-soul of your life. 

Basically, friends are the part of your life. 


They are the part of your happy moment and along with that they help you in giving company in sad moments as well. 


But in recent times, people cannot get sufficient time to build friendship or keep in touch with the friends and that is why they search for the options to build friendship.

The support system is the very common and important thing for an individual. If two friends share some good supportive attitude then as a matter of fact, their friendship will definitely go through anything that comes. 


This is an utmost characteristic that when one buddy is in trouble the other is forever there for assist. 


Most of the public work only on faith and never try to expand a proper support system.


How to develop friendship?

The first and foremost thing is that you definitely require finding somebody who is actually worthy of your companionship. 


In fact, try to be absolutely selective while going to pick up the friend. 


You need to choose the friend right according to tor preference and choice. 


Basically, a friend is a reflection of your personality and characteristic. 


So, whenever you are going to select friends, always ensure a fact that they are absolutely reliable to you. 

Try to speak absolutely in a frank way to each and everyone but be friends along with only a few.


Once you have any reliable friend, you definitely require showing them that they are quite essential to you.

Be helpful

Friends and help is the complement to each other. 


Whenever you are trying to make friends, you have to be absolutely dependable and reliable as well.


No matter if they are actually having a big crisis or if they are only in a painful situation, you surely have to be there to assist them as well as support them. 


Try to lend them a helping hand if they require one. 


Once you start helping your friends in every small thing and they start supporting you, then there will be absolutely nothing that can break your friendship, still if you travel the millions of miles apart but the companionship will forever live in the heart. 


Try to build up a good friendship or companionship along with the believe and trust in friendship as well as then there is no certain way that your companionship will be the weak bond at its peak point.

There are several online sites available that actually helps people to make friendship in a proper way. 


So, whenever you are going to build up a friendship, you really have to make sure a fact that you choose only the right person....

Q: how to make a computer app and related information

Asked By Suda, India


Answer : All you want to know about creating computer app
Building a computer application isnít a walk in the park. Along with the tremendous growth of technology, apps and software building projects have grown immensely. It takes more planning than one assume. It is not an easy task. One has to invest their valuable time, money an effort to make it fruitful. If you are ready with plan to develop superior quality app and excite to start working on it. Before you go further, consider these few basic things which we think may prove helpful for your appís developing process.

1. Make a market survey
Before starting to build you app, you should make a proper survey of market. Identify who is your targeted audience? And try to think from userís point of view. To meet customerís expectation figure out what they actually want. Understanding your customers better than they do is a key to create best app. To avoid disagreement between customerís choice and your service, you must address customer what they want, need and appeal to them

2. Concept of Idea
Make complete research and competitor analysis and decide what exactly do you want your app to do and how it can be more useful. Determine your top priorities and make highly elaborated plan before you start developing the app. You must have a clear idea about what you are going to develop.

3. Plan and Design app
Go for suitable technology and architect to support your app. Your choice of technologies has huge impact on the quality of your service which can help you to achieve stronger alignment between IT strategy and business goal. Hire and retain the right talent to achieve desired results

ē Identify approach
A user will adopt your application if there is something which is useful to them. First decide about a type of app you are going to develop either it is Native app, Web app or Hybrid app. Native app require significant time and skills, web apps are quick and cheap one and hybrid approach is a good combination of native containers and web coding. Identifying approach will be helpful for you to design according to need. Every app is different and service you use to develop it will be unique.

ē Rapid prototype
This is a multi-step process comes after identifying approach. Prototype includes user interface flow, designing of database and user interface. A user interface can create the look and feel of your app. 

A prototype makes it easier for you to convert your idea into actual is quite helpful in attracting your targeted customers

ē Visual design and branding
Choose appropriate designs. While designing it is required to prepare individual design for each platform involved in the app. Each of them demand a specific set of elements based on material design provided by system.

To gain popularity in the market and to earn trust from your customers it is necessary to ensure good branding of your App. Build a strong of your product to increase its value in the market.

4. Development of the app
It can be a little time consuming task. Make beta testing and user acceptance testing which will help you to determine whether your appís functions are operating well or not. Identify your goal to focus on right effort and eliminate device specific bugs...


How to make new friends online?


How to make new friends online?


In this digital world, this has actually become quite easy to make lots of new friends online as well as meet entirely new people right through this particular venue. Initially, it can be little challenging to make some new people. Though a face to face meeting is quite significant in recent times, as the technology is enhancing day by day, so the desire of knowing new things and making new friends online has been increased a lot. 

So, if you are actually want to make some new friends online or even want to get connected with your old friends as well, then social media is one of the beautiful and helpful platforms that can meet your requirements. 

Show your strong support online
While going to make new friends online, first start showing strong support for their work. Retweet them, "like" them. Then, Sign up for their site newsletter or eBook as well. Do everything that you can to show support and then reach out in a more personal way. It will also let people know that you are not some freak.

Most of the people are more than happy to react to a friendly "hello." Though, if someone does not actually respond, you should not take it personally. Lots of people are truly busy, some do not have the time or receive much fan mail, and some may overlook the email. But whatever it is, if you do not get an immediate response then feels free to try again. But you also have to make sure that they do not feel irritated.

Maintain your connection
Part of just maintaining an online friendship is maintaining that connection properly. Once you have chatted back and then you are forth with someone, make that connection repeatedly. It does not have to take up lots of time. But an easy note can actually speak volumes. And then you must also keep up along with your social networking accounts. If you tweet something and then you do not check your account for months, your "virtual friends" are actually going to start to lose the interest. 


So, ensure that you keep up with your social accounts, you appropriately respond to messages and that sort of thing. After all, if you cannot remind them about your active existence online, then there is a high chance that they will forget you. But do not be that continuous stalker who messages repeatedly.

Often, when a friendship is actually lasting, this is an actual nice gesture to take it live. If you have some common interests, for example, chat via Skype. You may acquire the piece of suggestion right from the mentor, or as the mentor advantage from an admiring fan. Sometimes the virtual friendship may suddenly go live when your friend happens to just stop in the area you live, making it entirely convenient to meet. But internet or social media is not just a way to connect with your new friends, but this is also a place where you get connected with your old friends as well.



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