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Housewife How to Invest in Share Market In India BSE OR NSE - What is Share Market ? Info About Stock Brokers & More

Housewife How to Invest in Share Market In India BSE OR NSE - What is Share Market ? Info About Stock Brokers & More


Housewife How to Invest in Share Market In India BSE OR NSE? (Stock Market)


What is a Share Market ? or Stock Market?

Share Market is a Place Where We Buy and Sell Shares Of Public Limited Company. It is an Online Marketplace Where Buyer and Seller Price are Matched and Trading Takes Place

What You Need to Start Trading or Investing In Share Market?

You have to Open Account with a Stock Broker (SEBI _ APPROVED BROKERS Example like Motilal Oswal, Angel Broking, etc)

Stock Broker Trade On behalf of You or You Can Trade directly with Broking Account Control panel and Desktop Computers / Laptops

They Provide you an Online Trading Platform to check the Current Price, Opening Price, Closing Price, Buy option or Sell option etc in the Software

Charges for Brokerage all depending on the type of trade you do (Say Example - Investing, F&O - Future and Option (Put Option or Call Option - Intrad Day or Demat Trade)

Accounts needed

Trading account - opened with a broker or sub broker where you buy and sell shares.

Demat account - Opened with NSDL / CDSL, Your share are Kept here, Now in india many banks providing this facilities to Create Demat Accounts

Commodity Account - If you wish to trade in Gold, Silver, or Crude oil etc (Even - Rice, Sugar, etc)

Documents needed - 

Address Proof- License Driving, Aadhar Card, Passport or VoterID - anyone

Income Proof-  Last Six month bank Statements, ITR or Salary Slip

Cancelled Check - To link bank account (Cancel any one check paper from your current bank account)


What are the Type of Trade?

Delivery : Where you purchase shares and keep it for more than a day ( You can Keep Some Stocks for Short Term and Some Good Stocks For Long Term)

Intraday : Buying and Selling of Share is done on the Same day. Margin available (Broker Can Give Fund Credit According to your Fund level in the Broker Account)

F & O : Derivative market, High leverage for advanced traders ( Be Careful in this trading many people lost their life - Some people earning well)

Other Ways to invest in Share markets ?

Buy LIC ULIP policy or mutual funds and get exposure to Stock market - They Purchase Shares on NAV Rates for the particular polices

Advisory Service provide advice on which share to buy or Sell

Important Things to Remembers -

Always Open Broking Account with SEBI registered brokers or Sub brokers,

Try to Do Shares by yourself without any other person advice

Don't give permission to Someone to Check your brokers account or demat account

Don't Give your username or password to anybody even some brokers

don't listen to unsolicited advice

don't believe on advisor which promise fixed return

stay away from penny stock when you are starting now

How to Transfer Money to the Share market?

You can Transfer money from Broker Account to NSE or BSE Stock Market - After that you can buy shares online

Ways to Transfer money to Broker Account - NEFT or RTGS or Other Online Money Transfer Providers or Check

Usually Depositing Funds to your account - Instant Transfer  through payment Gateway

For Equities F&O and Currencies

Cheques to be drawn in favour of "Broking Company name"

Time - 4 to 5 Working Day depending on your bank

Cost - Free

After Completing the transfer, kindly send the transfer details and acknowledgment through the support help desk

For Commodities -

Cheques to be drawn in favor of "Broking company name"

Time 4 to 5 days depending on your bank

Cost FRee

Same above, please send details to your broking company help desk

How to With draw Funds from your Stock Brokers?

To Withdraw funds from your online trading account, you shall need to visit the control panel (Broking Companies - And Request For the Refund) They Refund Your Money through NEFT / RTGS or Even Cheque

How to Select Best Stock Broker for Beginners? How to Choose a Stockbroker for yourself?

Important Criteria that matters to you as a Beginner!

- Low Brokerage Fees (chargers)

Well Designed  Trading Platforms (Software From which you are going to Trade)

Reasonable account opening and annual maintain charges

Best Customer Service

Trading Field Experience

Types of Stock Brokers

- Full Time Service Stock Brokers

- Discount Stock Brokers

- Sub Brokers for Stock market

What do Full Service Stock Brokers Provide for you? 

They Provide Full Support - like Telephone Stock Advice etc

Market Current Tips

Market Reports and Stock Tips

Reasonable Customer Service

High Brokerage Chargers

Stock Trading Platform

What do Discount Brokers Provide for you?

They Charge Very Low Brokerage Charges

High Speed Trading Platform

Educational Tutorials and Seminars

No market Reports or Tips

Less number of Trading Segments

Best Full Service Stock Brokers for  Beginners -

Motilal Oswal

Ansgel Broking

Kotak Mahindra

Best Discount Stock Brokers for Beginners



How to Apply for new pann card online in india? 

Go to the Website https:// www . and apply for online application for the PAN Card

Submit digitally through a e-kyc and e-sign (paperless) 

Submit Scanned images through e-sign


Visit Your local Town Auditor Office for the PAN Apply

Hints : What is NSE or Nifty and BSE?

NSE: National Stock Exchange

BSE : Bombay Stock EXchange

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