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Q: how to make a computer app and related information

Asked By Suda, India


Answer : All you want to know about creating computer app
Building a computer application isnít a walk in the park. Along with the tremendous growth of technology, apps and software building projects have grown immensely. It takes more planning than one assume. It is not an easy task. One has to invest their valuable time, money an effort to make it fruitful. If you are ready with plan to develop superior quality app and excite to start working on it. Before you go further, consider these few basic things which we think may prove helpful for your appís developing process.

1. Make a market survey
Before starting to build you app, you should make a proper survey of market. Identify who is your targeted audience? And try to think from userís point of view. To meet customerís expectation figure out what they actually want. Understanding your customers better than they do is a key to create best app. To avoid disagreement between customerís choice and your service, you must address customer what they want, need and appeal to them

2. Concept of Idea
Make complete research and competitor analysis and decide what exactly do you want your app to do and how it can be more useful. Determine your top priorities and make highly elaborated plan before you start developing the app. You must have a clear idea about what you are going to develop.

3. Plan and Design app
Go for suitable technology and architect to support your app. Your choice of technologies has huge impact on the quality of your service which can help you to achieve stronger alignment between IT strategy and business goal. Hire and retain the right talent to achieve desired results

ē Identify approach
A user will adopt your application if there is something which is useful to them. First decide about a type of app you are going to develop either it is Native app, Web app or Hybrid app. Native app require significant time and skills, web apps are quick and cheap one and hybrid approach is a good combination of native containers and web coding. Identifying approach will be helpful for you to design according to need. Every app is different and service you use to develop it will be unique.

ē Rapid prototype
This is a multi-step process comes after identifying approach. Prototype includes user interface flow, designing of database and user interface. A user interface can create the look and feel of your app. 

A prototype makes it easier for you to convert your idea into actual is quite helpful in attracting your targeted customers

ē Visual design and branding
Choose appropriate designs. While designing it is required to prepare individual design for each platform involved in the app. Each of them demand a specific set of elements based on material design provided by system.

To gain popularity in the market and to earn trust from your customers it is necessary to ensure good branding of your App. Build a strong of your product to increase its value in the market.

4. Development of the app
It can be a little time consuming task. Make beta testing and user acceptance testing which will help you to determine whether your appís functions are operating well or not. Identify your goal to focus on right effort and eliminate device specific bugs



Answered by - Vaibhavee

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